Unconventional History of Tijuana Bibles in new Book!

Tijuana Bibles True History NOW AVAILABLE in paperback and ebook.  150 pages!
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Arcade Photographs in new Dull Tool Dim Bulb Book

Arcade Photographs.  Novelty Argentina Tintamarresque!  Comic Foreground Vintage Photographs.  You know the drill by now.  The newest Book from House of Dull Tool Dim Bulb, and it is only $5.99 in Ebook form, and $21.95 in paperback.  66 pages of fun!  AVAILABLE NOW

Cutout novelty screens were invented by the same guy who first painted dogs playing poker. That astounding fact may just be enough for you to purchase this, the most curious of books, but I will throw in a few more encouragements. One, all the photographs included in the book predate 1930, and two, all are from Argentina. Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is credited with creating "comic foregrounds" which put a sitter behind a caricatured painting. Staple of carnivals, "just off the exit" rest stops and anywhere one wants to have fun looking stupid. Argentina Tintamarresque, as odd as it may seem, collects tons of them.  Why?  Why NOT?

Most are real photo postcards, but there are snapshots.  Not only are the futuristic modes of transportation all wrong, the folks perched behind them seldom smile, as these are so old folks still thought you had to refrain from moving.  In glorious South American sepia, each a little gem.

Argentina Tintamarresque is just the newest of art and photography books available under the Dull Tool Dim Bulb imprint from Blurb.  See them all HERE. 

Vintage Novelty Photographs by Jim Linderman Book Available NOW

Vintage Novelty Photographs is the newest Dull Tool Dim Bulb Book (and affordable ebook) 

Two NEW Books from Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Two new titles are now available in ebook or paperback from Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books!

I'm with Dummy: Vent Figures and Blockheads Presents a large collection of vintage photographs from the collection of Jim Linderman, each showing a ventriloquist dummy with his human friend!  Nearly 100 photographs from the last century which shows you CAN put words in someone's mouth!
Link and Free Preview!  Ebook is $5.99 and Paperback is $21.95. 

Proto Porn: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s reveals a little known secret from the repressive Eisenhower years...The smutty practice of publishing naked women under the ruse of "Art Figures" or "Glamour Photography" in digest form.  The first Nude Photography of the modern age, and it was smut pretending to be Art!  Hilarious and forgotten, over 100 rare covers are shown from the collection of Victor Minx.  Bettie Page and a hundred other burlesque dancers, strippers and regular women from the street pose for shutterbugs and "ART" fans!  
Link and Free Preview!  Ebook is $5.99 and Paperback is $26.95

Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books profile New York Times

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Black Pin Up Book Secret of the Black Pin Up from Tease to Sleaze

Intrigued by the question "Why aren't there any black pin up girls" on an internet message board, writer Jim Linderman decided to find out. With 100 rare vintage photographs all showing women of color in magazines not seen for over 50 years, Linderman not only reveals many answers to the question, he reveals a long gone part of America and African-American culture. Secret of the Black Pin Up takes us from "tease" to "sleaze" and reveals a world never before seen. Using rare photos and publications, the untold story of African-American women in the soft-core pornography world from 1940 to date. Yes, there WERE black pin ups, and they are found here.
Women of Color from...
By Jim Linderman

The Risque Sexist Comic Attempts of Anonymous The NEW BOOK


which collects 70 pages of primitive risque comic postcards drawn by hand by a failed cartoonist. Preview or purchase book below by clicking on yellow cover at right.

The 3" x 5" bad sexist drawing is the art underbelly of America. Millions were produced by printing companies like Curitech and Kropp. They dominated the racks. Candy colored cuties on "linen" or "chrome" slipped in among the pictures of "memorial park" and "sunset on the dock." One after the other, in the "comic" section or "risque" numbered consecutively with the company logo often placed right where the stamp went. A dividing line indicating who was responsible. A "genuine" something or other with a copyright notice. It didn't stop the jokes from being copied and traced. One man's "Wilbur" was another man's "George" and they all got dropped in the slot with a purple stamp of Lincoln affixed in the corner.

There were so many, it took an extra special artist to stand out from the postcard pack. To make it into the big leagues, where a major publisher would pay you ten bucks a drawing and let you sign away your rights in perpetuity. Some made it, but few are recognized. The genre is, but the illustrators aren't. Relegated to postal obscurity with no residuals.

Anonymous here didn't have the goods, but he tried. In fact he tried TERRIBLY hard. With hardly an atom of creativity, he churned them out hoping for the big break.

It never happened. No rejection letters were found, but it is a safe bet there were some. I can't really say too much about his work, what you see is what he did and what you get. I date them somewhere between beatnik and punk, but then who knows what time warp (or basement) he lived in. He hand-cut the cards (after drawing them) with one of those meat-cutters only the teacher could use. They aren't too crisp and scanning was difficult, as he sliced off portions of the hilarious captions in his haste to stack them...as a result, some ride awful close to the edge but each one came with quotation marks around the caption.

By Jim Linderman and...